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Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Most Power College Search - Coming Soon

As the pieces are falling in place, backroom development is coming to a close, a college search engine will soon emerge to overshadow all college search engines out there. Elefoo will soon be launching our advanced and truly powerful college search.

The search options will allow our visitors to effortlessly refine their results by academic, demographic, geographic, and other parameters. We will also be unveiling more details about the infamous 'Elefoo Nation'!

Look for a release around June. We will update you when the date is set in stone.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Join Us In Creating The Most Powerful College Search Alive !

Saturday, Oct. 20, the day elefoo declared itself to the world, or at least a microscopically small portion of it. But for that small portion, we are very excited to announce the beginning of a revolution in the way people think about knowledge. Yes, that's right... a revolution, but we're not giving any details away yet.

So this development launch is, well, elefoo at its most basic level; a college search. Even more basic, the sophistication of the search is very restricted (purposefully... keep reading to find out why). But I think you'll find the interface very lucrative, fast, and easy. Even better, our data is incredibly comprehensive and unbiased.

I mentioned earlier that we have restricted the sophistication of our search, and now I'll tell you why. The reason is we're waiting for your help. - How can I help? - I'm glad you asked. We're approaching development of elefoo a little differently than most web companies. Our approach is more like Burger King's ("Have it Your Way" for those of you not hip to fast food slogans).

Basically, we are developing the site for you in the most literal sense. You give us your input, feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. and we will use our expertise to develop an interface that gives you what you want in ways you never before thought. A custom site built for you, and it's completely free!

So check us out, use our site and tell us what you want it to do. Then give us a few months and you'll have your own custom built website, and you'll know that you are part of the revolution in the way people think of knowledge.

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